Gazpacho: Traditional cold tomato, cucumber and capsicum soup 8,00
Bruschetta: Diced tomato, olive oil, garlic and fresh basil on toast 8,00
Pomodoro e mozzarella: Sliced tomato and mozzarella with olive oil and fresh basil 10,50
Carpaccio rucola e parmigiano: Finely sliced raw beef with rocket and parmesan cheese 11,50
Insalata di formaggio di capra e miele: Green salad topped with grilled goat cheese on toast, honey and pine nuts 12,00
Speck e melone: Smoked ham and melon 13,00
Insalata tropicale: Green salad with avocado, shrimps, pineapple, orange, grapefruit and cocktail sauce 13,50
Millefoglie al salmone affumicato y guacamole: Smoked salmon and guacamole in puff pastry 14,50
Bresaola rucola e parmigiano: Finely sliced dried beef with rocket and parmesan cheese 15,40
Tartare di tonno al finocchietto: Fresh (raw) tuna tartare with wild fennel 15,50


Penne arrabbiata: Tube pasta with spicy tomato and garlic sauce 10,50
Fusilli Crudaiola: Fusilli with fresh tomato, basil, garlic and olive oil sauce 12,50
Cannelloni di carne gratinati: Meat stuffed cannelloni gratined 13,50
Penne Putanesca: Tube pasta with tomato, anchovy, caper and black olives 13,50
Tortellini Romantici: Meat filled tortellini with ham and cream sauce 13,50
Lasagna vegetariana: Vegetarian lasagne 14,00
Trenette al pesto: Flat spaghetti with pine nut, basil, parmesan, garlic and olive oil pesto 14,00
Ravioli ai porcini con salsa porcini: Wild mushroom filled ravioli in cream and wild mushroom sauce 14,30
Spaghetti allo scoglio: Spaghetti with seafood and tomato 15,00
Risotto al nero di seppie e frutti di mare: Squid ink risotto with seafood 15,50

We have gluten free pasta.


Filetti di orata «sauce vierge»: Sea bream filets topped with fresh tomat, fresh basil, garlic and olive oil 19,00
Salmon alle erbe selvatiche: Salmon with light butter herbes sauce 19,50
Gamberoni al curry: King prawn curry 23,50
Pescatrice «a la persillade»: Monkfish lighttly topped with butter, garlic and parsley 24,00
Tonno «Giardino»: Fresh tuna topped with avocado, chili, chives, diced tomato and olive oil dressing 24,00
Rombo al rosmarino: Turbot baked with rosmary 24,50


Stracceti di pollo stile asiatico: Asian chicken style 18,80
Vitello tonnato: Finely sliced cold veal with tuna mayonnaise and capers 19,00
Petto d’Anatra al mele y pera: Duck breast with honey and pear sauce 21,50
Tagliata di vitello: Thinly sliced veal steak, rocket salad, parmesan and balsamic vinegar reduction 23,00
Filetto di manzo al vino Barolo: Beef fillet steak with Barolo wine sauce 27,00
Carre d’agnello e succo di rosmarino: Rack of lamb with rosemary jus 27,50

All meat main courses are served with seasonal vegetables and potatoes.

Children’s menu

Tortellini Romantici (pasta stuffed with meat in a cream and ham sauce)  
Filetto di Orata (pan fried sea bream filet served with chips and vegetables)  
Petto di pollo Milanese (breaded chicken breast served with chips and vegetables)  
Spaguetti Bolonese  
Penne Pomodoro (tube pasta with tomato sauce)  

Homemade desserts

Ice cream & sorbet 6,00
Chocolate mousse 6,60
Chocolate profiteroles 6,80
Cream brulee 7,20
Vanilla ice cream with expresso coffee 7,20
Tiramisú 7,50
Iced parfait with pistacho nuts and white chocolate sauce 7,50
Puff pastry with cream and strawberry 7,50
Apple pie with vanilla ice cream 7,50
Dessert of the day 7,50

Dessert wine

Medium sweet wine 3,30
Medium sweet champagne 5,00
Moscatel 3,30


Porto 10 years old 6,60
Selection of cheeses 8,20

Coffee (regular or decaf)

Cafe solo (expresso) 2,00
Cortado (expresso with milk) 2,10
White coffee 2,40
Black coffee 2,30
Cappucino 2,65
Carajillo (expresso with brandy) 2,40
Irish cafe / Calipso 6,10
Black or herbal tea 2,40


Liqueurs (Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Tia Maria, Baileys, etc.) 6,10
Italian liqueurs (Averna, Fernet-Branca, Ramazzotti, Grappa, etc.) 5,00
Spanish liqueurs (hierbas, palo, mesclat, etc.) 4,10
Brandys and cognacs (Soberano, Carlos III, 103, etc.) 4,00
Brandys and cognacs (Carlos I, Martell, etc.) 7,70
Whiskys (J&B, Ballantines, Bell’s, Red J. Walker, etc.) 5,50
Whiskys (Chivas, Glen Morangie, Black J. Walker) 9,00

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V.A.T. included (10%)